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Get Ahead of the Crowd, get the STEM power of MAX !!

MAX by XSEED is a program best for STEM Preparation & Practice of most critical concepts in English, Math & Science.

  • Lift in scores of English, Math and Science for grades 1-8.
  • It promotes thinking, problem-solving, love for reading, and practice.
  • Build a Competitive exam foundation from early years.
  • International edge - With international teaching-learning methods & branding.

XSEED MAX is a weekly class in English, Math & Science based on the proven XSEED Method. With MAX, students of Grades 1-8 go through a special class each week, which focuses on the most critical STEM concepts at elementary school level. Each year children focus on the 25 most crucial concepts – one concept at a time.

MAX program is designed to international standards, for over 3000 XSEED schools across the world, following the proven 5-Step teaching learning method. The weekly program comes with a monthly performance report with valuable information for parents. MAX is carefully researched and developed by a global team of educators in Singapore and India, led by the world- renowned educator Ashish Rajpal, himself a student of Prof. Howard Gardner.

  • MAX is a simple 5-Click once a week class that any teacher can use. MAX is one period every week for Science, English and Math i.e. a total of 3/week. Teachers in your school become certified STEM Teachers armed with the tool kit of MAX.
  • Teacher’s role is elevated to facilitate and focus on the child, and not just restricted to playing videos. She can now help every child do better.
  • MAX can work with your existing hardware. Entire focus of MAX is on learning and not making the school buy expensive hardware.
  • MAX works without internet and that reduces any chance of breakdowns during a class. One XSEED Mini-Campus powers the whole school.
  • Plug and Play. It’s simple to use and the teachers need no technical training, planning or preparation. Simple and easily available resources make it a highly practical and easy to use solution for schools of all sizes across the world.


  • Mini Campus device for School (uploaded with all MAX modules and monthly assessments)
  • Every Child gets three MAX Journal (Workbooks for English, Math & Science)
  • Total 8-10 Computer based monthly assessments for children (Integrated exam for English, Math & Science).
  • School & Parents reports after monthly assessment on MAX App & SMS.
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